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Áine inghean Uí Tuathail
of The East

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Brand aux Deus Leons
of An Tir

Brand (Sir Brand aux Deus Leons, Knight, MPel, E.T.C.) of An Tir, Baronies of Madrone and Aquaterra (Seattle-ish area of the world) Joined the Society in ~AS 15 (1980). Founder and Managing Director of the Washington Shakespeare Festival (a small but sincere band of Elizabethan trouble-makers and poets... oh, sorry, same thing.) Performs with the Celtic folk group "Celt Check" (Pennywhistle, Vox, Guitar, Bodhran, Doumbk). Serious interest in Elizabethan poetry and the works of the Elizabethan stage. Will write more later, but you may enjoy his websites -,,

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Bryce de Byram
of Atlantia

Sir Bryce is a Master of the Laurel and Pelican. He divides his time between his muse, his study of the 12th century, his fighting, and his service to his Crown.

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Cadwalader Ap Ieuan
of Atlantia

Ceridwen ferch Owain
of Atlantia

Mistress Ceridwen is an excellent poet (and is a former Poeta Atlantiae) and Mistress of both the Orders of the Laurel and the Pelican.

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Ciaran mac Breandain
of Atlantia

Lord Ciaran mac Breandain is a 14th-century Irish musician who travels and researches medieval music.  His journey has taken him from Atlantia to the far shores of An Tir and back again.  He currently resides in the barony of Windmaster's Hill.  Ciaran's musical compositions and research can be found at his website Musica Codex.

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Duchess Malinda Hohen van Kester
of Atenveldt

I live in Central Arizona and am the not-ready-for-prime-time bard. I'm a story teller and enjoy singing, but make no claim on being overly talented. 

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Dunstan le Heryngmongere
of Atlantia

Master Dunstan is a twelfth-century Saxon wharf bailiff, a former Poeta Atlantiae, and a former Royal Bard. He currently resides within the Barony of Windmasters' Hill. He has served as the baronial Minister of Minors as well as Chronicler (implementing the first electronic version of the Barony's newsletter).

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Edith de Brereton
of The Middle

Edith is a lady from England in the middle of the 15th century. She swears fealty to the Midrealm.

Efenwealt Wystle
of Atlantia

Efenwealt Wystle is a Saxon bard and jongleur (and former Atlantian Royal Bard!) who makes his living with his wife, Maitresse Aenor d'Anjou, in the court of Henry II and Eleanor. Efenwealt and Aenor are also the proprietors of the Camelot Treasures medieval mercantile.

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Elaisse de Garrigues
of Calontir

Elisande Walters
of Drachenwald

Finnech inghean Labhrainn
of Atlantia

Mistress Finnech's songs are most often heard on the battlefield or late at night around a campfire, where fighters and their supporters (beloved inspirations, escudiers, and the like) are most often found rejoicing in celebration after a day of honor and glory. Her melodies are as memorable as her verses, and the cadences she uses makes it all the easier for one to pick up on the nature of a song and join in as it is being performed.

Finnech's website:

Gideon ap Stephen
of Atlantia

The poetry, songs, and stories of Gideon ap Stephen, OL, can be found at his website:

Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur
of Atlantia

Duke Gyrth, a member of the orders of Chivalry, the Pelican, and the Laurel, was a former king of Atlantia and of the East. He passed away in 2004.

His Grace was a skilled poet and a generous patron of the arts. His wife, Duchess Melisande de Belvoir, has graciously provided permission for some of Gyrth's work to appear on this site.

hey you
of Aethelmearc

Iselda de Narbonne
of Atlantia

Iselda de Narbonne is a trobaritz who has traveled the known world, sometimes going by the name "Isolde de Lengadoc."  She has called many places home, including Ansteorra, Northshield, Ealdormere, and the distant lands of the Slavs north of the Black Sea, beyond the reaches of any kingdom.  She currently resides in Atlantia, in the Shire of Roxbury Mill.  In A.S. 54, she was chosen to serve for one year as Poeta Atlantiae, charged with filling the hearts and halls of Atlantia with poetry.

Iselda's interests include the music and poetry of the middle ages.  She is a singer who also plays the harp and lyre.

James of Middle Aston
of Atlantia

Jonathan Blackbow
of Atlantia

Jonathan Blackbow is a fighter, poet, and occasional autocrat in the Kingdom of Atlantia. He currently resides in the Barony of the Sacred Stone.

Juliana Laverick
of An Tir

Her Ladyship Juliana Laverick lives in the Barony of Seagirt, Principality of Tir Righ, Kingdom of An Tir. She has been in the SCA since AS 45, and an active performer from day one. She has been hosting a weekly bardic circle at her home for years, and invites anyone to come join in. She has been Skald of Tir Righ, AS 50, and has dedicated her passion to the musical, performing, and story telling arts of the SCA. Her persona lives in France, 1225, and she loves researching Trobairitz chansons, Breton Lais, prose, and instrumental pieces from that time. Her interests also span Scadian, Filk, Folk, Period, and Tradition music. She is always happy to talk about new songs, stories, and performance arts. 

Once a month she runs "Known World Virtual Bardic" and invites bards, performers, musicians, minstrels, troubadours, and anyone who shares this passion to a Virtual conference to teach, share, inspire, listen and enjoy meeting bards from around the Known World. To learn more visit the SCA Virtual Bardic Campfire on FB. 

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of Calontir

Justus de Tyre
of Atlantia

Sir Justus is a twelfth-century crusader to the Holy Lands and a former Atlantian Royal Bard. Originally from Calontir, Justus has come to call Atlantia his home.

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Katarzyna Witkowska
of Atlantia

Greetings!  I am Katarzyna Witkowska and live in Poland in the early 15th Century.  I am a widow with considerable land holdings outside of Krakow.  In my youth I served in the court of King Jadwiga until her untimely death.  My husband and one son were killed in the Battle of Grunwald in 1410.  My family believed a young woman needed a fine education in order to run lands and so I learned much at the University.  I especially love to write poetry and tell stories to children.  I still consider myself an archer although I do not shoot as much as I used to.

In the SCA, I have been Poeta Atlantiae twice.  I love to teach poetry and story writing to children and adults.  I especially like to explore different genres of poetry and teach about them.  My favorite poet is Francois Villon.  I also like the Hebrew Poetry from the Golden Age in Christian and Muslim Spain.  Of course, I also study Polish Poetry and am working on being able to recite it in medieval Polish.  Except for a few words, I cannot speak or write Polish but I am working on it.  One of my goals is to be a better bard and use poetry of all kinds to entertain.  I am also studying herbs and their uses both in cooking and in healing.

I am a warranted youth minister and enjoy working with the fabulous youth of Atlantia.  I also create and offer Pages Academy classes.  I am also a warranted voice herald.  I especially like to travel throughout Atlantia and meet people and teach.

My work can be found online at

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of Atlantia

Kiriena Pevtsova
of Atlantia

Lady Sophia the Orange
of Atlantia

This is just a start of what I think is a space to write stuff about myself in an SCA bardic context. cheeky  ;) 

I primarily focus on commedia dell' arte, but I also play cello and lots of SCA dance music in ensembles. I sing a little on the side.

Visit my web pages for my dance music and for my commedia stuff.

More to come...

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Lorraine Vera d'Greer
of Calontir

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Meuric Ap Gwillim
of Aethelmearc

Michael of Hammond
of Atlantia

Olivier de Bayonne
of Atlantia

Olivier de Bayonne is a trobador from southwestern Gascony during the mid-twelfth century. Falling on hard times during his youth, he sold his poetic skills to a traveling Saxon joglar and his wife (Efenwealt Wystle and Aenor d'Anjou), both of whom entertained the English court. Coming to the fair shores of Atlantia, Olivier took up the sword as well as the song in order to try and prosper far better than he did in southwestern France and Catalonia, following the fashion of young noblemen at home in Occitania. This has served him well, for he was recognized by the Atlantian monarchs as a worthy trobador and made a member of the Order of the Laurel.

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Paganus Akritas
of Atlantia

Robert of Canterbury
of Drachenwald

Robert's works can be found on his website:

Several of his poems have been reprinted on this site with his permission.

Robert Wolfe
of Atlantia

Rosalind Jehanne
of Atlantia

Mistress Rosalind is an excellent songwriter, poet, composer, and singer, whose well-known songs (such as “The Peasant Knight,” “The Song of Roland,” and “At the Battle of Maldon”) have been performed across the Knowne Worlde.

Her personal website can be found at

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Ruaidhri an Cu
of Atlantia

Olagh Ruaidhri's fame as a poet has spread far and wide; he has served as Poeta Atlantiae as well as King's Bard of the East. His resounding herald's voice is unmistakeable, as are his Scottish accent and daisy-yellow leine.

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Sigriðis "GALA" Eiriksdottir
of An Tir

Lærimoðir (Mistress) Sigriðis "GALA" Eiriksdottir lives in the Shire of Lionsdale, in the Principality of Tir Righ, in An Tir. Her primary areas of interest are Scandinavian Folk Music, especially Scandinavian Balladry, Kulning & Joik. She is foremost a vocalist, but also a multi-instrumentalist, and particulary loves to play her many Lyres best. She is also an actor who is involved with the "An Tir Plaiers", a travelling Shakespeare troupe in An Tir, who rehearses online via "Skype" and performs at various events in An Tir after little or no face-to-face rehearsal or blocking on the day.
It will come as no surprise to anyone who know her that she is a gigantic NERD and loves researching obscure music STUFF, going on wild goose chases for impossible information, writing papers on the STUFF she finds and inflicting them on anyone who will sit still long enough.
She can be found on (some of those afforementioned nerdy papers), her YouTube channel (songstress73) or on or on Facebook at

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Talia de Morales
of Atlantia

Aspiring to be Artemis. I am a poet, fencer, and archer orginally straight outta Meridies but now Atlantian based. Poetry interests include Ancient Egytian and Greek works, as well as less ancient but still in period Arabic, Andalusian, Chinese, and Japense poetry and of course all bawdy poetry ever written. 

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Teleri the Well-Prepared
of Atlantia

Mistress Teleri is an accomplished poet and musician. She maintains a blog of her SCA research at Mi Contra Fa.

Thomas Broadpaunch
of Atlantia

Thomas Broadpaunch is a Dominican in the last quarter of the thirteenth century. From around A.S. XXX, he was a fugitive friar who sought refuge in and enjoyed the hospitality of central Atlantia, first in Caer Mear (where he served as Poeta Atlantia and received his Laurel), then in Ponte Alto, and finally in Black Diamond. For the last decade, he has lived in a penitential hermitage in the wilderness of far western Black Diamond, from which he rarely ventures forth.

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Valdis Grimmundottir
of Northshield

Yaakov HaMizrachi
of Atlantia

Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi (OL) is a Jewish resident of Cairo in 1305. Married to Rivka Bat Shaul and father of Aharon ibn Yaakov, Yaakov became fascinated by Frankish poetry and so apprenticed to Mistress Dorigen of the Grey Gate. As a consequence, he spends much time in the Laurel Kingdoms studying poetry, storytelling and other bardic arts. When not in Cairo, they live in the Barony of Storvik. Yaakov has been Poeta Atlantiae twice, Storvik Bardic Champion twice, and occassional faculty of the University of Atlantia.

Yseulte Trevelyn
of Atlantia

Lady Yseulte is a musician and sometime poet who lives in the Barony of Bright Hills. She has been known to play the harp from time to time and performs with the Bright Hills baronial bardic guild.